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    make up
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Day 8: Bath Scrub

Day 8: Bath Scrub

I got these very posh herbal straight-from-the-spa salt scrub stuff for the bath as a gift. I really quite liked the feel of it rubbed against my legs, leaving me looking all sleek and sexy and supermodelish (shhh, leave me to my fantasies). Then I realised I was going to run out and I went to buy some more and I was shocked and dismayed at the price: over 20 Euros for 650g !

So I looked it up and their own web site says that it's "a sumptuous blend of skin polishing Dead Sea Salts wrapped in moisturising Coconut, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils".


So I went to the junk shop and bought a jar for 2 Euros. I bought a kilo of sea salt and 150ml of almond oil for under 5 Euros. Rummaging through the bathroom cabinet, I found a jar of "lotus oil" which I bought in Cairo ten years ago and my plan was complete.

I lightly crushed some sea salt with a mortar and pestle to get varying sizes and I added about half the bottle of almond oil and a tablespoon of the lotus oil and mixed it all together and put it in the jar.

I seriously thought about adding some food colouring to make it prettier and then my brain kicked in and I realised that was not such a good idea. :D

And the great news is YES, it absolutely is JUST LIKE the expensive stuff. I used the last bit of the purchased scrub on my right leg and my homemade salt and oil scrub on my left leg and I couldn't tell the difference other than mine smelled better. An hour later, I looked at my legs and I felt that my left leg was actually smoother and silkier than my right leg. I realise I might be biased. So, in the interests of science and a fair analysis, I asked a strange man* to touch both my legs and he confirmed that my left leg felt smoother!

So today was a success. And I have plenty of ingredients to make more. I'll sell you a batch if you want, just 10 Euros plus shipping for 500g!


Cheap loans for renewable energy

Cheap loans for renewable energy

Putting some energy into renewables

How long do we have to wait for some common sense plans to help Londoners who want to invest in clean, renewable energy?

As Mayor, I will have solar panels up and running on 100,000 roofs by 2015. And I will give free loans to householders, community groups and businesses to make use of new, clean energy technology.

I will commission street-by-street surveys to identify the best sites for renewables. And anyone in London who wants to generate their own energy will get detailed help with the paperwork instead of a blank stare from planners.

With soaring oil and gas prices, the Government’s time-wasting on renewable energy is hitting us all in the pocket. London isn't the Lake District, but even in the city there is the potential to generate huge amounts of clean energy. I know London isn't afraid to take the lead when it has to, and if we can't take part in the renewables revolution with the government's help, then we'll lead it without them.

cheap make up sites

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